Friday, June 28, 2013

Master Bedroom Wall Art

As you know from one of my first posts and currently most popular post, I am obsessed with Wall Art. I think I discovered it one late night on Pinterest. Back when I was creating the wall art for my neice, I created my own set. I was looking to add color to my master bedroom and create a focal wall. I found gorgeous paper at Paper Source and inexpensive frames from IKEA ($11 each).
But the task of hanging the art seemed too daunting. So after looking at the art leaning against the wall, I finally bit the bullet and hung them myself. 
I started by cutting white templates that were the same size as the frames and taped them to the wall. This helped me understand where I should place each frame. Sadly, these too hung on the wall for a few weeks until I was ready to master the project. Then I gathered my tools.

The mounting putty was key for ensuring that once hung the frames would not move ever so slightly and throw off the whole look. ;)
My first step was to measure the hook on the back of the frame and then mark the paper on the wall so that I knew exactly where to hammer in the nail.

Once the nail was in the wall I hung the picture, pulled the paper off (by pulling under the frame) and applied the putty to ensure the frames were properly positioned.
Below are the in progress photos as well as the final wall. I am so happy and proud of the finished product. I sort of want to add wall art all around the house now. 

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