Monday, June 17, 2013

My Lil Buckaroo Turned Two

Now that I am blogging, I had to share my best party to date. My son's 2nd birthday was the most amazing party. I was at the top of my game in party planning. I chose the Western theme because I wanted to have ponies at the party as the entertainment. I was also working with the AndersRuff team on a professional basis so they customized the party for me. Additionally, the moons aligned and my parents drove down a few months earlier and were able to bring a few western elements from Montana.
Due to the weather, we had to add plastic to keep the rain off the back patio. This actually ended up being the best thing because we were able to create the illusion of an actual room. This space was fantatsic.

This is a great view of the kids table. I used the polka dot gable boxes and AndersRuff created adorable stickers for them as well as customizable bag tags which I laminated. You can also see behind the table the saddle (brought down by my parents) as well as other collectibles on the hay bales. I made the garland out of inexpensive bandanas tied together.

I used glass bottles adorned with AndersRuff printables and straws in the glass botlles for milk for all of the kids.

The Pony Corral held all of the take home gifts. Note for parents, probably best to distribute after the party for 2-year olds. I did not anticipate the banging of sticks into one another after the cake eating.

I love doing photo booths at my parties and set one up here with printables from Cake and Paper.

The dessert table was one of my most proud moments. I searched Pinterest for ideas and decided with this execution. The fabric I found online and called a shop in Oklahoma and they shipped it to me. The pitcures were from a photo shoot at my parent's ranch in Montana a few months prior and really helped set the overall tone.

Cow Cake Pops - WOW! They turned out so great. I practived a few times prior but really loved the outcome. Of course, my 2 year old took one look and said "Pig".

The cupcake toppers were perfection and courtesy of Two Sugar Babies. Her work is amazing. Check out those bandanas. LOVE! I also made the cake stand. A friend of mine had done this and I borrowed it for his first birthday. After I saw it, I knew I could make one myself. It was super easy. I used brown craft paper over foam circles and squares and hot glued them together. Then I added the faux barbed wire around the squares, the ribbon around the circles and adorned with crepe paper medallions and the AndersRuff circles.

Firefly Confections did the cookies. So gorgeous and they tasted great too.

Candy wraps by AndersRuff. These were perfectly placed for two-year old hands. :)

Photo booth in action with my parents and all of their grandsons.

My lil buckaroo and his cow cake. The sparkler really scared him. We did not repeat this for the 3rd birthday. lol.

Waiting for another rony ride.

The big excitement - live ponies. About 8 of the 20 kids rode the ponies. My son of course did not want to get off and rode them for about 45min.
The whole party was magical and everyone had a blast. I cannot wait for this years party. he is turing 4 and the theme is race cars. I have already started the planning and the party isn't until November. lol.


  1. Nice work, Ash! Very cute. Love it all. Remy wants a Jack Frost/The Rise of the Guardians birthday this year. There's a chance he could change his mind, of course, but he really loves the idea right now! This one isn't quite as easy as past ones...but should be fun.

  2. you out did yourself on this par-tay!
    Can't wait to see how the next one rolls along!!

  3. Very cute party! I was wondering, where did you find the stick horses? I have been searching everywhere, and any help would be great!

    1. I can't remember where I bought the horses. A premium vendor I use for work got them for me. They were $10 each and more than I wanted to pay. I recently saw the pool noodle horses on pinterest and would do those if I were planning this party now. I have included a link below in case you haven't seen them.