Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mirror Mirror

Oh, how I love Pinterest. It has made me a more active crafter and helped me take a dip into the interior design pool. I saw an idea to hang cheap mirrors onto the wall. I figured this was a cheap investment to trying out this plan. Of course to execute this properly, I had to redesign my whole master bedroom. So this is the first post on the new master bedroom. Unfortunately I started the project before I started blogging so I did not take before photos.

One wall in my bedroom has two doors leading to the closet and the bathroom. This is the wall you see when you walk in the door. I decided I wanted a white desk for the TV. I realize I should, probably move the TV out of the room, but for now I still love watching TV in bed. So I decided to add three white mirrors above the desk.
I absolutely LOVE the look and am so glad I did it. Also, as I mentioned early it was so simple. After measuring to see where to hang them, I used double sided mounting tape and stuck them on the wall. The double sided mounting tape holds up to 2lbs and has come in handy for hanging other things as well. My new addiction.
Final picture below. I still need to find a solution for covering the wires under the desk. The basket is temporary.

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