Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Water Party

I recently hosted our second annual summer water party. This is my most favorite party to host because the kids absolutely LOVE it. This year I was able to combine the party with hosting a House Party. If you do not know House Party, check it out at houseparty.com. The party I was able to combine was the Cheetos/Super Soaker Block Party. It was a perfect tie-in.
My front yard is much larger than my back yard and has no coverage so it is a great place to host a water party. I place a slip n slide, baby pools, water tables and buckets all around the yard. Everywhere you look there is water. I also set-up a bubble station, squirt bottles and the super soaker station. And this year, I added water balloons to the big pool. The water balloons went fast (took 35 min to fill 150 and 15 min for the kids to pop them all).
I also used the tassle garland and a summer banner for the food table. The cheetos made for a great visual as well.
Since the party was so simple, I decided to just post all of the photos and you can see the details and copy as needed. My son (3.5) actually filled every pool/bucket himself which was a huge help in preparing the yard.

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