Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Current Obsession: Tassel Garland

I am currently obsessed with tassel garland. How grogeous is the one below. But not $130 gorgeous!

So many of the blogs I follow or people I follow on pinterest are highlighting the tassel garland. I knew I could make it but every tutorial seemed so exact and time consuming (exacto knives, glue guns, too many things to find in my messy craft storage areas). I finally watched a youtube video - Thank you Tammy Mitchell (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f71yVgdmisw) and was officially inspired. So off I went to the $0.99 store and Target.

I found so many good colors and designs and some even on sale. I could not wait to get home to start cutting and rolling.
I grabbed scissors and tape and started cutting and folding and then I realized, wait this could be done so much faster if I folded multiple sheets together and cut and then separated. Viola, crafty version not the artsy version. And it worked.

I absolutely LOVE the finished product. I plan to use for my son's summer water party (future post so you can see it in action). Now that I am obsessed, I need to figure out where to get the sparkly paper and want to create one for my master bedroom (yes I am like a 3-year old) and for my son's 4th birdthay in November (crazy planner, I know). 

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