Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY Ice Cream Kits

I absolutely adore AndersRuff (www.andersruff.com) and when they posted the FREE ice cream summer printables I knew I had to take advantage. I decided to create ice cream kits for my son's teachers as a year end gift. Since he is in daycare/pre school year end and first day are only a weekend apart. But we do get new teachers and a new classroom for a new year.
This kit was so easy to create and assemble.

ice cream cones
ice cream cups
ice cream toppings (gummy bears, m&ms, sprinkles, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce)
box or something to hold elements
tissue paper and ribbon to make it pretty

Step 1: Print your printables here

 Step 2: Add toppings into cellophane bags and seal with a sticker

 Step 3: Add stickers to everything (here I added to the ice cream cups)
Step 4: Custom Spoons (see my blog here http://www.craftynotartsy.blogspot.com/2013/07/diy-stamped-ice-cream-spoons.html)

More stickers on the bags.

Step 5: Gather all elements for assembly

Step 6: assemble
Assembly line
Step 7: Add a ribbon and another sticker

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