Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY: Creating a Pantry

I dream of a day when I have a gorgeous walk-in pantry. When I moved into my current house it came with NO pantry. For the past 3 years I have been using two main cupboards. About every 6 months I need to completely reorganize them as they start to take over my life (see pictures below).
I also have a broom closet in the laundrey room (which is right next to the kitchen) that I never use. Brooms are kept in the garage. So I decided to finally move out the junk and create a pantry out of the broom closet.
Step 1: measure the cupboard and head to Lowes to buy wood (they will cut to size), brackets, a level and paint
Step 2: remove everything from the cupboards
Step 3: clean out the broom closet (no dirt or dust allowed)
Step 4: spray paint the shelves
Step 5: measure and place brackets
Step 6: drop in wood shelves
Step 7: add a special touch - chalk board paint to inside of door
Step 8: put everything back into the cupboard (and toss all expired food that was hidden in back of cupboard)
 Pantry by back door in laundry space.

 You can see that there was a lot of wasted space.
 Above is one of the two cupboards that played the role of pantry in my house. YIKES! Below is the second space, which is on the bottom and really hard to see things in the back.

 New pantry all stocked! In LOVE. So happy with this space and I cannot believe I did not do it earlier. The whole thing took an hour - max.
And look at how I was able to organize the cupboards. Kids snacks in the bottom one (shown above) with the tupperware and my candy stash in the upper one (shown below). And yes, you can even see I have extra space. WOW! 

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