Monday, September 16, 2013

Rock Star 3rd Birthday Party

Coming off of last year's 2nd birthday birthday (see it here, I knew I would not be able to top it. But I did want to do something big again. My son was obsessed with music so I decided to do a Rock Star birthday party. I had seen an amazing party online, so I contacted the woman about buying the printables. It was perfect because my son was obsessed with pink and I didn't want it to look too feminine. 
The entertainment was a drum circle which I thought would be fun since my son LOVES to attend drum circle on the weekends. Enjoy the pics below - and a few short captions.
 I used spray paint on cardboard to add a rock n roll flavor to the directional signs.
As guests entered the house they were provided a back stage pass personalized with their name.
 The dining room was transformed into the make over/photo booth/dessert room.
The dessert table included cookies by Sunshine Bakes, cake pops, cupcake pushups, microphone cupcakes and mini cupcakes by me. I even included old vinyl as the cake holders.
A few close-ups:

My backyard was set up for a few different activities - guitar decorating, cookie decorating, lunching and drum circle.

 Back stage food stop. Gable boxes had kids lunches.

Cookie decorating included individual decorating set-ups.

 Paper guitar decorating.
Here is a picture of the photo booth corner and my nephew taking advantage of the set-up.
 My son and other guests enjoying the drum circle.

And a party isn't complete without swag.

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