Friday, September 6, 2013

Obsessed: Castle Pines, CO

I recently met up with two friends from college. We stayed with one of them in her new home in Colorado. I am now OBSESSED with her community - Castle Pines. I now realize this is what life is supposed to be like when you are 40 and raising kids. The neighborhood is sprawling, the weather was great (I realize in winter my reaction would not be the same), the amenities were amazing and I felt so relaxed (maybe because I was kid free for 2 days).

This neighborhood has houses with LOTS of space at affordable prices. I live in Southern California so you pay $1M for a house with a yard. Not a big house, just a house.
Kids have so many choices between the play grounds nearby or the multiple pools.

Now if only I could do my job from here and ship in a few of my SoCal friends. Perfection.

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