Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Boy Bedroom

When we moved into our first house (with a yard) I was so excited because my son would be able to grow up playing outside and be close to school and work for me. I knew we had found the perfect home when I saw the room that would be for him. The walls were hand painted Dr. Suess and were so cute. I bought coordinating bedding and bath from Pottery Barn Kids. Everything was perfect.     

Cut to 2 years later and my son was ready to expand his wings and leave his baby room and crib for a big boy room. As I mentioned in my wall art post (, I was inspired by Serena and Lily and knew that this was the bedding I needed. I also splurged and bought the matching paint as well.
Below is the outcome of the room and the new owners reaction to seeing his big boy room.

The crib eventually came down, a chalk wall painted, shelves added, art on the walls and addition of a bench from IKEA and removal of the navy chair and below is what the room looks like today (about 9 months after the transformation started).

We have since switched up the room again and added a chalk wall, bench and play space.



  1. I LOVE the big A on his wall that you did!! Do you mind telling me where you found it? Or did you make it? So awesome!
    missashleigh at juno dot com

  2. what color of paint is the green on the walls?

  3. Can you post the paint brand/color?

    1. The color is sprout from Serena and Lily

  4. where did you get the navy and white bedding from?

  5. Hi Ashley,
    I have been looking around Pinterest for ideas for my son's big boy room. I found your post on your son's Serena and Lily room (which I now see was a few years ago!) do you remember the name and brand of the green paint you used on his walls? I saw in a previous comment you said "sprout", does Serena and Lily sell wall paint?