Monday, May 20, 2013

Wall Art

Since my last post included the picture of the succulent garden in my nieces room, I decided the second post should be the wall art. This was such a fun craft project. It all started with my obsession around letters and names. When I had my son, I wanted his name on everything. When I changed his baby room to a big boy room, I was inspired by the Serena and Lily picture below (I will post the room transformation at a later date).
To combine my love of pink and letters, I decided to Mod Podge letters for my sister's Sip N See (another post to come on this too). At the same time, I was working on framed wall art for my own bedroom (yep, another post to come). Once I had done the letters in different pink and grey paper (purchased from Paper Source - between $6 and $11 per sheet), I realized they would look so cute glued to the white frames.

I added a nice silver and gold paper and thought I was done. My sister wanted more pink for the grey and white room. When I saw how muted the letters on the white frames were, I decided to get pink frames (frames fom IKEA, white $11.99 and pink $3.99). The pink frames were too thin, so I decided to layer the frames. After framing the paper and removing the glass (too heavy), I hot glue gunned the letters to the paper and then glued the pink frame to the white frame. And viola! Gorgeous wall art.

I am so proud of these letters. They turned out gorgeous and really made the room.

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