Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Love

So I am totally obsessed with baby rooms these days. My facebook status seems to be overflowing with new arrivals for friends. And while I am not pregnant myself, I do know a few people growing babies right now. So today I am sharing a baby room I would love. If only I lived in a huge house and had room and an actual baby to live in the room. But since I don't, I will share my imaginary life.

First stop on the imagination parade: Wallpaper on the ceiling. Babies spend so much time on their backs, I just love the idea of this gorgeous wallpaper. The silver stars are beautiful.
Second stop wall art. I love the wall art I created for my sister (http://www.craftynotartsy.blogspot.com/2013/05/wall-art.html) but I also love the idea of showcasing a few of your favorite outfits. I like how these are all the same color and would be so cute in white or grey for a boy. Of course to do this well you need to buy them at the same time.
More wall art featuring those tiny baby parts. I was amazed at how fast these small parts turn big. Who doesn't love tiny ears, hands, etc.
More stars. Not sure why, but I am loving the grey of this wallpaper. Probably too much to go in the same room with the stars on the ceiling but perhaps next to a grey/white striped wall. And how cute is that toddler bed. When my son was ready for a big boy bed we jumped right to a full skipping the whole toddler bed stage.
Chalk wall. I have this now in my son's room and while we don't use it a ton, I love the concept and creativity it allows. It also grows with your child. When he is older I will move the Matchbox Wall tracks and add a desk and he can use the wall like scratch paper.
So whether you are getting ready for a new baby, taking a baby room to a toddler room or just dreaming like me, I hope you enjoy these ideas.

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