Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make Your Own Stamps

I am so excited to have Addison's 4th birthday party featured on AndersRuff blog. I am a huge fan and absolutely LOVE these amazing women. So much talent. You can check it out here:
So in honor of that post, I decided to post the Make Your Own Stamp blog so you can see how I created the adorable car stamp.

I am officially OBSESSED with Yellow Owl Workshop. You can check her out here: http://www.yellowowlworkshop.com I had the chance to meet her and create stamps with her at Crafting Community's weekend event and then again at one of her classes in downtown LA at Poketo.
Making your own stamps is so much fun. She makes it super simple by providing a Carve-A-Stamp kit (purchase for $30 here: http://www.yellowowlworkshop.com/collections/carve-a-stamp-kit/products/carve-a-stamp-kit).
This weekend I made Valentine gift bags for my son and nephews. Below is the step to step guide.

Above are the supplies provided in the kit. A two-sided rubber stamp, a carving tool, transfer paper and a pencil.
Step 1: Draw your design onto your transfer paper.
Step 2: Transfer your design onto the stamp by rubbing the pencil markings onto the rubber.

Step 3: Use the carving tool to remove the section of the stamp you do not want to print onto paper.
A view of the completed striped stamp. Sometimes the most simple design works the best.
Step 4: Once you are done with your carving, test your stamp to make sure you have scrapped off all of the parts you don't want.
I also created a heart so that I could layer the heart over the stripes.

Always test your design on paper prior to marking the actual item you are stamping.
A finished stamped muslim bag. If you want this item to be washable you just toss it into the dryer for 20min to set your design. This is a great option for stamping tea towels, baby blankets and napkins.
Finished bags.
Pick up Little Owl's Little Prints for fun activities to do with the kids. Happy Crafting!

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