Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Home Redesign: Before

I am kicking off my home redesign project. I had three goals when I started this project:
1. Figure out how to better use my space
2. Update colors to grey from browns
3. Take back the room - hide/move all those kids toys
I hired a designer and she helped me determine the right flow for the space. As she said "I want to give you an adult space and your son a kid's space."
Below are the BEFORE photos of my space. Excited to share the developments and final product over the next few months.
This is the view from the corner of the room where the fireplace is located toward the front door.
This is the view from the hallway after you walked through the front door looking toward the fireplace.
This is the view from the kitchen door looking toward the backyard sliding glass doors.
This is the view from the sliding doors that go to the backyard.

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