Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fabric Covered Cork Board

I saw this idea on Pinterest months ago and bought a cork board and stuck it in a corner never to get to the project. Finally on New Year's Day, while watching the Rose Parade, I finally tackled it and it was so easy.

I love the results and am excited to share with you the crafty way of doing this project.

standard cork board with trim - I got mine at Target
250 silver push pins - bought at Office Depot
fabric - left over from my 40th birthday
duct tape

 Step 1: Place fabric over front of cork board
Step 2: Push in pins along border of trim, as you go along the edge and around the board, pull fabric tight to avoid any wrinkles

Step 3: Once all push pins are applied (took me about 40min and very sore thumbs), flip cork board over and pull fabric tight and apply duct tape
Step 4: continue to apply duct tape until all sides are pulled 

Step 5: Complete - see first photo 
Below you can see where I placed the cork board in my room.