Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids Movie Night

I recently hosted a kid's movie night for a screening of Monsters, Inc. A group of us are going to the El Capitan to see Monster's University and we wanted all of the kids to be prepared.
I have always wanted to host a movie party and when my son gets older I plan to do just that in the backyard for a birthday party. But until then, I can practice on my party planning.
I knew I wanted to do kids trays of popcorn and candy. I had saved take out containers and they have come in pretty handy (see cupcake decoarting party). I bought Monster's U cups and small toys for each child. I filled the cups with popcorn, placed a small amount of candies (10 skittles & 5 chocolate mints) into tiny cups with lids, added a granola bar, graham crackers and a water and we were done.

I told moms to bring the kids favorite pillow and blanket and a snack for the adults.
As the kids enjoyed themselves inside the mommies sat outside and chatted and drank wine.
The kids loved the movie and afterward they enjoyed dinner as a group in the dining room before going outside and playing.
This was a fantatsic party and one that I will definately do again.

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