Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mason Jar Succulent Gardens

I am so excitd to post my first blog. I have decided to start a blog to track and share all of the craft, not artsy things I do and see. I am currently obssessed with PINK, thanks to my brand new niece, and SUCCULENT GARDENS. More on the second part later.
I started by spray painting the mason jars. I purchased various sizes of mason jars at Walmart. I also saw them being sold at Micheals. Not sure which is cheaper. I love the smaller ones for this project but the two sizes looked best together. I used Kyrlon spray paint and in moments they were done. I then filled the jars with potting soil and added a succulent from Loews (4 pack for $3.99). I topped it off with soil and moss for a cute look and added a hot pink bow. ADORABLE. These are perfect for my nieces bedroom.

(Gardens can be seen on table by chair. Wall art post to come.)
My obsession with SUCCULENT gardens started last year when I attended the Crafting Community weekend event at The Ace Hotel. Karen Kimmel and Crafting Community throw an amazing event and one of the activities was making succulent gardens in mason jars. My son loved placing the dirt in the jar and I still have it sitting on my window sill in the kitchen. We then decided to make these this year for all of his teachers as a teacher appreciation gift. Wow was it fun! What 3.5 year old doesn't love dirt.

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