Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sip N See

My sister recently had her third child. Since she had two boys at home (3.5 and 5 years old), she decided to not find out the sex prior to the delivery. For 9 months we all assumed she would have another boy (her husband is one of 4 boys). But on April 8, she surprised and delighted us all with a sweet baby girl. When my brother in law walked into the waiting room to share with us he said "no balls" with tears in his eyes.

Because she was not sure what she was having, my sister decided to have a Sip N See if it was a girl. A good friend of hers was planning it and asked me to assist. My sister had decided the theme would be PINK. Every shade and everywhere. When you have two boys and are blessed to get a girl you want lots of pink!

I contributed the daisy cut mason jars. This was their coming out party and they were so cute. I bought them for my son's 3rd birthday party and then decided I would be sad if they were broken so decided against using them. Even my brother-in-law stopped and asked about them. The hot pink striped straws were adorable inside.

I also made the pink-chocolate dipped marshmallows. I was inspired by a post on pinterest (follow me here http://pinterest.com/aedepp/). The marshmellows turned out so cute. I did a mix of regular and jumbo sized marshmallows. I found the glass container at IKEA and we added the cotton candy that my sister's friend had brought. It was very Dr Seuss looking. The dessert table included lots of candy and gorgeous cupcakes made by another friend that was displayed in a vintage holder with real flowers. An amazing center piece and a trick I will steal for the future.

The decorations were adorable. We made and hung already made tissue paper poofs and lanterns as well as crepe paper over the windows and lots of pink balloons. Lunch was super easy with  pre made chicken salad sandwiches, pink fruit kabobs and pink popcorn.

We also set up a canvas for guests to paint a square for Makoy. Later this week, I will post a how to of this great project. It turned out super cute.

The shower was a huge success and everyone had a blast. And Miss Makoy enjoyed being held by everyone who came to Sip N See her.

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