Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Pinatas

This weekend (and this upcoming week) is all about party prep. I am hosting 8 people for a Mexican Fiesta dinner party. I was so excited in planning this party that I created a pinterest board (follow me here: I loved the mini-pinatas I saw on Oh Happy Day's blog. I had no idea how long they would take. But I know that they will absolutely add an additional flair. Below I share my version of getting these babies done!

Step 1: Create a template - this took me a few times before I got one I liked. 
Step 2: Cut out template - I folded my cardboard paper and cut out two at once so that the front and back were identical.
Step 3: tape along edges of one template - tape is facing up on this image - I taped it while it was the other way and then lifted it.
Step 4: Cut strips about 3/4 inch thick and begin to tape to bottom template. Repeat with the top portion to create a 3-d figure.
When you are done it will look like the below two photos.

Step 5: To make the color, I used crepe paper. I cut 4 lengths about 6 inches long, stacked them and then folded them in half. I then cut small slits on the non-folded side.
Step 6: Once cut, I unfolded the paper and cut along the fold. This created strips for me.
Step 7: I used elmer's glue and wrapped the strips of crepe paper (starting at the bottom) along the legs and then moved to the body.
The completed donkey pinata is below. Not the best nor the worst and will work perfectly as VERY time consuming name cards. :)
These pinatas purposely do not hold candy or treats. It was more about a look versus a purpose.

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