Thursday, May 8, 2014

Home Redesign: Sneak Peeks

So I am not quite ready to share the redesign but wanted to give you a few sneak peeks. The redesign is totally coming together and I am LOVING my new space. So adult. And my son is LOVING his playroom. We both have our own space that is perfectly suited to each of us.
Sneak Peek #1:
Drapes. The new space is grey but I still have my beige couch so I wanted drapes that could tie-in the past and the future. I found the perfect drapes at Pottery Barn. You can find them here:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-
Here is a very non-revealing picture:
Sneak Peek #2:
Reframed prints. I had two large prints in my space before and my decorator suggested that I get them framed similarly and hang them next to one another. After a trip to Aaron Brothers to get the black poster framed to match the mermaids, I quickly realized I needed another plan. It was going to cost me $900, WHAT? No way. So I googled frames and ended up spending $100 from for something that looked similiar. Below is a sneak of the two prints hanging.
Sneak Peek #3 & #4:
The Wall and The Floor.
The biggest update for the space was to add a 6 foot wall that allowed for a focal point when you walked into the room from the front door hallway. This made me a bit worried since he would block off a lot of light. Well the wall went up and it was marvelous. I did not care how much light was blocked because it really added a sophistication to the space. Even the contractor was surprised at the impact. You can also see a peek at the wallpaper on the new wall. This should be installed at the beginning of June.

You can also see in this photo the refinished hardwood floors. This is the very first thing I did and the change was shocking. In a good way! I absolutely love the color of the floors. The richness of the color immediately classed up the joint!
I cannot wait to show you the balance of the room. It really is a spectacular transformation!

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