Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Traditions at the holidays are what make it so special. Last year I started a few new traditions, in addition to the traditions that I grew up with and my son loves them all.
1. Elf on the Shelf (see post here:
2. 25 days of gifts - Our Elf brings the gifts when he arrives and my son gets to open a gift a day beginning on 12.1. This year's theme was books and he loved opening a new book everyday. The first 10 days were chapter books, which were great. Now we are getting into the picture books and we read it right away.
3. Tree decorating - this was the first year my son wanted to help decorate the tree. Thank goodness I have a few non breakable ornaments. I think next year we may get him his own small tree to decorate.

4. Lights - my son LOVES to come home to our house when it is dark and our lights are on. We also like to "go through the neighborhood" as he says on the way home to view lights. Next year we will schedule time to do a Friday night lights tour. We just ran out of time this year.
5. Annual Santa photo - this year (and last) we did it with my sister's family Thanksgiving weekend. All of the kids were great this year. Even telling Santa exactly what they want.
6. Tree Lighting - each year we try to hit at least one tree lighting. This year we only got to see the Danville tree when we were visiting my sister for Thanksgiving. It was a fun evening filled with freedom for the boys (streets are closed off), hot chocolate and fun lights.
 7. Christmas in Montana - this is a fun one because we all come together under one roof. Christmas is so much better through the eyes of a child that still believes in Santa. Having three boys together (cousins) is! Praying for snow so that we can make snow angels on the front lawn. But if no snow, we will hit the slopes at least once. My son has already stated "this year I want to ski by myself. I don't want you to hold me up." We will see what happens.

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