Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obsessed: Pinterest

Do you pinterest? I absolutely LOVE it. Not sure why I did not start earlier. Prior to Pinterest I would pull images from magazines for whichever project I was working on (bday party, redecorating, baking, etc) and paste onto a piece of paper making a mood board. Then I discovered pinterest. LOVE. You can follow my boards here:
Below are a few pictures of things I have seen on Pinterest and then done on my own. Such an inspiring site. Full addiction.
My only complaint or recommendation is a tool that would allow me to choose a few images (or 10) and add to a mood board and print so I could see everything next to one another. Anyone know if this is possible?
 above: diet coke chocolate cake
above: onsies for each month - gift to my sister
 fort kits: gifts to many boys
 pink spray painted mason jars with succulents - in my nieces room
above: toddler shakers - for my niece - please note, if thrown down stairs by older brother it will break :)

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